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This product is not provided for the SD card upgrade package.


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We provide various of software version upgrade methods as follows, and you can choose any method that you need.
1.Terminal software online upgrade
2.One-click upgrade package(Operator customized);
3.T card upgrade package; (Please refer to the question【Does the mobile phone support SD card upgrade?】
4. FOTA upgrade
Note: With regard to Online upgrade package,1-click upgrade package and T card upgrade package, please log in official ZTE handset service support website to choose your model and download relevant documents. Different product has different upgrade method.
Chinese website:
English website:,after logged in website, please choose the country to view the related documents.
1.Skate series users can download and install lProximeitySensorClib_signed.apk from ZTE official website and Google market to do calibration. Please do not cover the proximity sensor during calibration, the sensor is on the top of mobile phone and next to receiver.
2. For other type of mobile phone, the users can go to ASC to do sensor calibration.
As the system of smart phone is more powerful, it is similar to computer with stronger network function and all kinds of applications , therefore, compared with the feature phone, the smart phone consumes more power, especially when connecting the mobile phone with network, the network traffic between mobile phone and network produces, which affects the standby time.
Besides, the standby time of mobile phone is also related to network signal condition , when the signal is weak, the mobile phone needs to consume more electricity to search for signal so that the mobile phone can be used. To sum up, the standby time of Smart phone depends on many factors, such as signal strength, network applications, game applications, navigation and so on.
You can save the power and extend the standby time with the following settings:
1.You can disable GPS function;
The operation is: Settings——Location&Security——GPS satellite(Remove √).
2.You can disable the data connection function if you don't need to log in Internet;
The operation is: Settings——Wireless&Network——Mobile network——Data connection(Remove √).
3.You also can save more power and release more memory as well as promote running speed of program by disabling the applications which you don't use.
1. We recommend to restore factory settings first. If the mobile phone can be powered on, please press Menu key--Settings--Privacy--Restore factory settings. If the mobile phone cannot be powered on, please enter into Recovery mode, then choose wipe data/factory reset to erase user data. You can refer to the question 【How to enter into recovery mode】to enter into recovery mode.
2. Enter into safety mode, hold Menu key to power on mobile phone until the safe mode appears on lower left corner, then enter into Manage applications to uninstall the third party software which probably causes the fault and restart mobile phone subsequently(It works on the products which have physical keys)
3. If the fault still happens, please upgrade the software of mobile phone, as generally upgrading software can solve this problem. You can refer to 【How to upgrade software version?】.
1. You can reset password via the bound Gmail account. When you continuously input wrong password for 5 times, the mobile phone would notify to reset password. You need to click the prompt and input the bound Gmail account, input the password to log in account. Then the mobile phone will notify to reset password after logged in, you just need to reset unlocking pattern.(Note: You need to connect your mobile phone with wireless network and bind Gmail account with mobile phone)
2. You can download online upgrade tool to upgrade software version.
3. You can input *983*987# in emergency call dialing pad to restore factory settings.
4. You can enter into recovery mode to erase user data: Choose wipe data/factory reset to erase user data. You can refer to the question 【How to enter into recovery mode】for mode details.
Note: The first method only applies to the international shipment projects, it cannot be used for domestic shipment projects and the projects which are not integrated with GMS application.
1. Check whether the signal is normal, if the mobile phone has no signal or the signal is weak, please take the mobile phone to the place where the signal is strong.
2. We recommend to adjust the volume to proper degree during the talk.
3. Please contact local ASC if the fault still happens.
1. Please check whether the alarm is enabled.
2. Check whether the mobile phone is powered on and whether the battery power is enough, because Android mobile phone doesn't powering off alarm, therefore, the alarm won't work if the mobile phone is powered off.
3. You can set alarm again after restored factory settings.
Generally the battery will release bits of electricity after charged full , then the battery starts to be charged again after a while, thus action is to protect battery and extend battery life, therefore, the charging display may be less than 100%.
To check the battery status: Menu key--Settings--About phone--Status message.

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